Nothing interests me more than those brown eyes
of his
And the waves erecting my body hair when
he passes by
My mother doesn't understand this...
this intoxication
(She has never been in love/never been high)
I wonder when she'll get tired of suggesting me
to stop loving him (Is she jealous?)
"What's the point?"
You don't understand, ma
It's all about giving (not giving up/in)
It's about the love you have for me
I have that for him
And that little abdominal contraction that comes with the thought of him...
that's superficial, ma
I could give him way more, way better
Love, ma, it's a beautiful feeling
A pain, for sure, a lot of pain
But one that brings you on your knees
You don't know whom you're praying to but you are
And you are being blessed (A lot of blessings, yes)
But he is not one of the blessings
For his wife might be pregnant by now
And I found my child self crying in the corner, finally
I tell her, you're rejected once again
But that's okay
That's okay
I'm here
(It's a blessing).

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