About Author

Tapasi seems to be a human, but might not be. She has suffered from many crises since the earliest days of her life that she can remember. Writing is the only way she finds a way out of her claustrophobic mind. Apart from writing, what she does with the same level of passion if not greater, is worshipping dark goddesses.  

She is way too much into understanding taboos and eliminating them, if not from the world, at least from her life. She has way too many books. She is way too much jumping from chaos to peace and vice versa. She is changing, always, way too much. Her moods are unpredictable. She is unpredictable. But she has a gentle soul, so don’t hesitate to reach out to her if you wish to.  

This archive made by her will be a safe space for you, but she can’t always guarantee the quality of it, or even how frequently she’ll post. She will just post whenever and whatever she writes. She’d never bite.

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